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Do you know other uses of hangers?

By admin / Date Jan 22,2021

The wooden hangers that had been used for a long time at home were finally overwhelmed and fell apart completely. The hanger is a very old-fashioned wooden hanger. The connecting place is made of cotton thread. It has been repaired and has been exposed to wind, rain and sun. It’s also considered an older item in the family. Since I got married, I have had it at home. The older generations have lived more frugal habits. They have never been willing to throw them away. It's completely broken and can't be used anymore. It’s really inconvenient to have no hangers. Baby’s socks and towels can’t be dried without clips and are easy to throw away. Finally, I bought a camellia multifunctional plastic hanger. The first impression I got was that it was very heavy, and it was completely different from the light texture. Camellia plastic hangers make me feel good.

1. Not easy to change color, not easy to age

2. With intimate windproof hook design, no matter how strong the wind is, you will not be afraid of being blown off socks and towels.

3. The material is PP5, which is very textured and heavy, without inferior quality and cheap feeling.

4. The clip has a strong bite force, and the sundries will not fall off.

5. The clip is detachable and replaceable, and it is also very convenient to use.