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A hanger that knows how to enjoy life

By admin / Date Jan 22,2021
In addition to hanging clothes, do you know other functions of the hanger? The following editor will teach you other functions of the hanger

Hang socks
Method: First disassemble the hanger, and then put the clip in. Rows of rows can be used to hang socks, so as to prevent the socks from being blown away by the wind.

Toilet paper roll
Method: Cut the bottom of the hanger from the middle, then put the roll paper in and hang it up, which is very convenient.

Hanging shoes
Method: Bend the two corners of the hanger upwards, and then you can hang the shoes, which is very convenient for drying the shoes.

Make use of the can pull link to make an appointment
Method: Pull off the pull ring of the can, and then hang it on the hanger. You can continue to hang the hanger on the other end of the pull ring to save the space for putting clothes.

Sun pillow
Method: Pull the hanger round, and adjust the circumference of the hanger into a circular arc. Two hangers can hang up the pillow for drying.

Hang photo
Method: Wrap the clothes hanger with a good-looking cloth, which can be hung on the wall to hang photos. It is a good photo wall.